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How We Work

Our approach to engagement is marked by simplicity and an old-school touch—no new apps, no new processes. Just talk to a person; we've made it that easy.

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Virtual meetings with your dedicated local family assistant on a weekly or bi-monthly basis to transfer your to-dos and plan ahead.

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We will work on your task list between meetings, send options to review and regular progress updates.

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Seamlessly communicate with your assistant via text, email, and video calls for ongoing discussions and address new tasks as they emerge.

Operating Principles


Privacy First

We take your trust seriously, and our privacy policy outlines our approach.


Feedback Matters

Your input is crucial. Positive feedback guides us in understanding your preferences, while actionable feedback aids in refining our service to better meet your needs.


Minimal Information, Maximum Help

We only request essential information necessary to assist you. If something seems unnecessary, feel free to refrain from sharing.

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